Long without batteries not set aside

Long without samsung r700 battery not set aside

This problem is often ignored users. But this problem is not small, and I talk to the laptop engineer told the author, many notebook manufacturers will recommend that users control the samsung n150 battery power more than about 5%, such an approach is to eliminate passivation of electrode, because the laptop battery at the factory it had already started to slow self-discharge (to activate the battery thing has been done in the workshop, we do not need to worry about), a laptop is likely to be consumers in the factory six months after purchase, and the battery has discharged six months the. Here again I recommend my friends that if long-term without the battery and AC adapter, it is best to leave the laptop battery 40% - 50% of the electricity allowed to self-discharge, if there is no electricity, then let the samsung r780 battery self-discharge, it is easy to go wrong or even scrapped. You think, ah, self-discharge is certainly to be put, but there is no power you put it, ah, no problem strange!

There is also a need to pay attention to the problem: If the long-term without the battery-powered and powered by an AC adapter (such as students), put the battery in a cool dry place such as cabinets. This approach is to avoid humid environment, while if the machine do not, it is best to separate the battery and place the books, do not believe we bought cell phones and books when attention to see, business is not separated from the acer aspire 4720z battery and the machine?

F, crashed but there is no way to pull the battery

I have also seen some friends before the machine does not shut down phenomenon, even illegal shutdown do not work, Blame the great "fainted dead" system now! Finally her brother directly to a one with eyes closed two stomping three to pull the acer aspire 4720 battery, only to hear the books scream was shut. In fact, this practice is very harmful, because in the standby state, the memory is powered and working, if sloppy take down the battery directly, data loss is inevitable, but do not plug the AC adapter when the battery is taken, this approach can only be a hundred more harm.