Laptops bought requires repeated

Laptop Battery Care

Myth one: Laptops bought requires repeated three times to activate the Laptop Batteries sky charge and discharge.

Unless you buy a laptop is more than one year of product inventory, otherwise it need not do so, because now the Dell laptop batteries sky cell when the factory has been activated, and the batteries in the package into laptop batteries when they go through a fairly to activate the test, so you get the hand of the battery, had already been activated, and do three charge-discharge process was unnecessary to increase battery depletion.

Myth two: the first charge must be sufficient enough for 12 hours

This early who no HP laptop batteries sky NiMH battery control circuit model is applicable, but for now has a smart charge and discharge control circuit of notebook batteries, it was a joke, when the laptop battery is fully charged, the charging current will be automatically cut off , even if you continue to charge 120 hours, there will not be any change in the state, in general, even the slowest machine charge, 6 hours is completely filled, the remaining "charge" is just a waste of their time. Instead, get new machines should first rechargeable battery shine.

Myth: The Acer laptop batteries sky requires periodic calibration, charge and discharge completely once a month.

Strong memory effect for nickel-metal hydride battery, which is an essential task, but for lithium Asus laptop batteries sky, the cycle is too frequent, and lithium batteries, although not completely eliminate the memory effect, but has been greatly reduced memory effect, if you use the battery is frequently, then you should discharge the battery to relatively low (about 10 ~ 15%) recharge, but if the discharge to the machine are not open (0-1%), belong to the lithium batteries have greater depth of injury discharge , generally once every two months to do this operation on it. If you rarely use the battery, as long as every three months to conduct such an operation on it.

Myth: correction can improve the battery capacity

The so-called correction, is when the actual capacity of the battery and control circuit capacity not the same record, once the Sony laptop batteries sky depth of discharge operation, so that the control circuit record, bringing them closer to the actual situation of the battery, which is a manifestation of the real capacity of the battery The operation rather than increase capacity factor here is the actual capacity of the battery, if the battery's actual capacity than the control circuit in the capacity to record high, the correction can be increased capacity of the battery looks, if the battery's actual capacity than the control circuit the capacity to record low, the correction will reduce the capacity of the battery looks, which is why many people are debating the reasons for correction effect, remember that the true correction is to make the battery capacity is shown by the elimination between the battery and the control circuit bias, as demonstrated the capacity will increase or decrease, which is the state of the battery itself, not your correction determined. Most likely because the battery discharge when the depth correction injury, but greatly reduced capacity.

Myth: You can also use a compatible charger

Laptop power much larger than cell phones, the most extreme case, the power required to charge the Toshiba laptop batteries sky while the machine running at full speed and to meet the required power supply, laptop computers generally not compatible charger, since the various models of the voltage, current, or the interface are different, can be common to a variety of notebook "compatible charger" is likely more expensive than the original charger, even the same interface, if the voltage and current below the nominal value of the machine, the machine working at full speed when the battery may will not be able to obtain sufficient charge current, which damage to the battery is great. If the voltage and current below the nominal value too much, and even found it impossible to boot or can not boot it will not charge, so choosing the best time to choose the power and wife the same, I can not find it, please note that certain voltage and current To comply with the nominal value of the machine, the interface with the plant's different products are generally the same, but the voltage and current may be different, this is sure to pay attention!

Myth: battery needs to be fully charged (or put photovoltaic) Save

Whether full or shine, in fact, are not correct, put long-term preservation photoelectric Fujitsu laptop batteries sky will lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the ideal method of preservation is to discharge to about 40% and then save, lithium afraid of humidity and temperature, and should therefore be placed in a cool, dry place, but the temperature is not too low, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature .

Myth Seven: Batteries die, they can even change batteries

A lot of people is such a change of IBM laptop batteries sky deadly, manufacturers seem long expected someone to do so, many brands of laptop batteries are designed with self-locking function, once the batteries out of the control circuit, the circuit enters the self-locking state, Only the use of specific tools to unlock, before the control circuit will not work, that is equivalent to scrap batteries, laptop batteries batteries are not free to change the batteries, if you have to change batteries is not available, please remember to find specialized battery maintenance company to wield the sword, their little trouble replacing the waste, the kind of effort also failed after a frustrating and depressing is the most miserable.

Myth Eight: 99% after the charge has been less than 100%, continue to charge it will explode

Lenovo laptop batteries sky is almost no chance of explosion, heat up is the issue which led to the housing melt, but rarely cause fire, to be published in a few accidents, the fact is that when the production process is bad, cause a short circuit in use as a result of, even if it Most species will be shorted battery protection circuit will not break the circuit greater damage, except in protection circuit shorted batteries before (before COMPAQ laptop battery explosion was so caused time should be), so contact with a large number of things in my notebook three years ago, have only seen two cases. Instead, things like the phone a lot, after all, or the battery quality problems, the phone has a large number of low-quality assembly of the battery while the laptop is almost never sold such a battery, because there is no one model which has large enough to warrant production compatible battery.

The reason why the 99% charge after less than 100% is often because the battery control circuit records and the state of the battery itself deviation, the battery never reaches record the voltage control circuit, the control circuit has power charging, the battery is actually has been filled, the problem can usually be solved by correcting, but even if not corrected there is no relationship, because most of the charging circuit will be in for a long time can not be disconnected automatically after a full and even intelligent automatic refresh record the current 99 percent to 100 %, even if the design has been kept a fool, but also because the current is very small at this time without causing harm.

Current laptop batteries are basically the temperature detection circuit, when the battery temperature is too high, the control circuit will force most disconnect the battery to prevent further temperature rise, therefore charge to explode in such a situation occur laptop battery no less chance of winning the lottery jackpot.

No matter how scientific maintenance measures, the battery will be aging are, like how the magic of cosmetics and beauty care can not prevent an old wife, most only delay it, the only way to avoid battery aging is to not use (so many people will choose to the battery win), but in so doing it so meaningless ...... laptop battery is always with prolonged use and aging, in fact, is a semi-consumables, for almost all manufacturers of notebook computers regardless of the host How long the warranty, the battery usually only guarantee one year.

If you care to do it in place, in order to calculate the battery once a week, about a year later remained in the 60% to 70% capacity, the battery is probably my own is the case, if it is felt increasingly haggard looking battery is a kind of torture for you, the best way is not to take down, and pray not kicked the plug or power outage, or is to buy one as a backup, as long as the battery and notebook in order to bring enough value and happy, I think they The sacrifice is worth it.