Laptop battery maintenance and repair serial

Laptop battery maintenance and repair serial
Remember before a general description about laptop laptop battery do? Its internal structure is mainly composed of two parts, a battery cell and a control board. We can look at this picture below, you can clear.
About the battery core, we can see, much like our usual AA Dell laptop battery, but no positive bump. We can see the laptop battery cells are basically 2200mAH, voltage is divided into two kinds, 3.6V and 3.7V.
According to circuit theory, if the 
HP laptop battery is connected in series, then its capacity, which is the mAH is unchanged, but the total voltage series is a single-cell voltage multiplier stages in series, for example, is multiplied by 4 3.6V 14.4V, we often say that the four cell laptop battery is 2200mAH, 14.4V.

If the batteries in parallel, the voltage across the same, but the capacity, which is multiplied by the parallel series mAH. For example 14.4V, 4400mAH battery, is to use eight Acer laptop battery cells connected in series through and constituted.
Although we usually reach battery core, but it still has models distinguish the difference. General model is 18650 or 17670,18 and 17 represent the diameter, length 650 and 670 representatives, the unit is mm, of course, there are also some special-shaped Asus laptop battery, such as 103,450, which we usually do not even touch on, not much to say.
We usually contact with the battery cell, but also hear a statement, such as Sanyo core or something. Indeed, the battery cell with brand differentiation, in general, Japanese and Korean series based, such as Sanyo, Samsung, LG, and some domestic brands, such as BYD.
Battery core domestic brands, and its quality is often unreliable, mainly poor consistency, the same Sony laptop battery cell, internal resistance and capacity, as well as the port voltage has a relatively large difference. Battery capacity is the bucket theory to calculate the worst. Thus, the domestic battery very popular.
There is also a holiday series Toshiba laptop battery, if the business say they are using a SONY, you may be necessary to carefully, we can not say are false, but many, very hard to detect.
Our common Sanyo battery cell, for example, in general, the capacity to distinguish by color, the red is 2200mAH, green is 2400mAH, sky blue 2600mAH. We can note, businesses give you for what color.
Incidentally, to represent mAH battery capacity is very scientific way, because it has the voltage difference, the same mAH, but the voltage is different, it is certainly a high voltage of electricity to be big. Should mWH (milliwatts) to measure more scientific. However, due to the convention, we generally also so with the hope that one day the market norms, and can change over, which can truly reflect the value of the commodity.