Misunderstanding the use of laptop batteries

Misunderstanding the use of laptop batteries.

First, the laptop battery at the factory will be activated, in order to avoid wear and tear affect
batteries sky performance, will remain a small amount of electrical energy. So users get a notebook that had been activated, and if the dealer puts it like three times before charging every 12 hours, in the completion of a laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, the charging time is not only unnecessary maintained to 12 hours, and doing so is to increase the battery loss. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge method can be used.

Secondly, the
laptop battery should not completely discharge the battery devastating. With the use of time and number of charge cycles vary, decreasing power is normal, not excessive pursuit of the perfect data, no use. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, does not mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

Also in the everyday use of the
Dell laptop battery, you can provide a stable power supply in the case of using the notebook, remove the battery can delay the battery life. Because the battery charge and discharge directly to the life of each battery charge, battery on a step forward to retirement. Laptop battery life is generally 500-600 charge and discharge times, so most of the useful life of the battery in two years.
DOD is the abbreviation of the depth of discharge. Seen from the table, you can charge and discharge times the depth, 10% DOD cycle life than the 100% DOD for much longer. Of course, if the actual charge equivalent to the relative total capacity found that: 10% * 1000 = 100 and 100% * 200 = 200, in comparison, the latter a full charge and discharge or better than some. However, the life of the
HP laptop battery is mainly reflected in the charge-discharge cycle, the cycle is an absolute concept, and the last 30% of the electricity used, full power, the next time use of electricity of 70%, and full power, this happens to be a charge cycles. Therefore, the inventor of lithium or follow the slogan "use namely charge, that charge is used," the method uses lithium batteries.

Finally suggest you use an external power supply to minimize battery usage time and frequency of use. Usually in the use of
Acer laptop battery is also taken to prevent the sunlight, pay attention to moisture, prevent erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the battery contact with metal objects such happening.

Laptop which is a feature of portability, so comes standard with
Asus laptop battery, battery charger chip internal management and procedures, automatically manages battery charge and discharge, including what time charge? Remaining capacity How much? Whether the depth of discharge? And so automatic recording and management.Click to enlarge

Another normal use with
Sony laptop battery, laptops and battery life is roughly equal, if the battery is removed, the computer end of its life, the battery base also useless.