Laptop battery charge and discharge method

Laptop battery charge and discharge method

Acer AS07A31 Battery being used after a period of time are going to be aging. Concrete expression from the resistance becomes large, the leader when both ends with the voltage rise faster, so it is all to easy to charge control circuit have been filled is resolute, the capacity can also be naturally "down" the. Since relatively large battery internal resistance, it available after a period of time will be aging. Concrete expression from the resistance becomes large, the leader when both ends from the voltage rise faster, so it will be simple charge negative feedback circuit continues to be filled is resolute, the capability can also be naturally "down" the. Since relatively large battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop, broadband, the machine is easily mistaken for a voltage too little, lack of electricity (the truth is, there isn't any electrical discharge). Just like be observed in the above description in the battery is usually a vicious cycle of maturing, the discovery of lost working hours battery faster than when exactly what it really should be tempered, otherwise eventually end.

Battery charge and discharge:

Lithium-ion Toshiba Satellite M202 Battery is charged first with fast charge constant current mode, the voltage reaches a certain value after which it to constant voltage trickle charging. Notebook computers will often be not strictly constant-current charge monitor. System load when the charging current is small, whereas the massive, the current in the AC power adapter power margin decision. Clearly, the system will charge it and also other components, for example CUP, harddrives, LCD along with other competing powers. Cleaning it once a to own side Superπ, while charging the way in which, found how the charge current varies between 0.70 ~ 1.70A, cannot fulfill the requirements of the lithium-ion battery charging, so I'm focused on such a work, rechargeable battery have been damaged. IBM instructions for the requirements for notebook computers will not operate when charging is just about the reason.

Charging at boot time, if we are able to choose the charge mode, tend not to select the fast charge mode (Express charge mode), to stop premature battery "full." There is a time of low Toshiba Satellite A205 Series Battery prohibit the application of CUP's highest performance, in order to reduce the power with the competition. If the laptop would be to support the by using CUP SpeedStep technology, it's always best to install the drivers (responsible manufacturers will install) to facilitate the adjustment performance. SpeedStep program icon can be a blue flag, right-click performance tuning options it can occur. In Or windows 7 system, SpeedStep program are going to be problems, on this occasion to change the BIOS parameters, as well as to rely on quite a few brand-specific adjustment programs, such as IBM laptop software tool is very powerful.

Lithium discharge, or has been started up, permit natural discharge better. Best not to ever use physical methods (string of resistors and so on). Not saying until this doesn't work, but the risk is relatively large, if the internal protection circuit wasn't working, then the entire battery the void, the worst is just about the battery explosion, certainly, it is unlikely. Circuit hidden dangerous isn't impossible that some big-name manufacturers get the design from the potential risk factors and the recycling from the battery, the battery with the phone when not heard the explosion.

Small knowledge: general Toshiba Satellite A202 Battery protection circuit parts are usually regulator block, control chip, insurance, and temperature probes. Temperature protection device is a one-off, the lining carries a fuse (some 130 ℃ Fuse), employed to monitor the voltage regulator block work. When the charge-discharge process exceptions, immediately there'll be an existing over the temperature protection, the fuse blows, the battery's internal circuitry right now to the off state, which enable it to not be restored. If you would like repair merely the replacement of temperature protection device, but such temperature protection device out there difficult to find.

Discharge may be the discharge current as small as possible, the operation should be to let CUP deceleration, hard stops and adjust the screen darkest (or closed off), then tend not to run any programs until the laptop automatically shut down. The focus on small-current discharge is usually to prevent premature detection of laptop Toshiba Satellite A350 Battery voltage is low.


Laptop Battery Maintenance Precautions

Laptop Battery Maintenance Precautions

A: Notebook battery maintenance should follow the basic principles of full exhaustion.

This is perhaps the most maintenance principles we see, Oh, this is actually the most fundamental misconceptions, a simple analysis of this principle is to produce estimates of the original NiMH battery maintenance methods not copy come, if this principle in order to minimize dell inspiron mini 10 battery memory effect, for those early laptop battery (NiMH or NiCd) has a good protective effect, but for the current mainstream notebook equipped with lithium batteries will have the possibility of injury. Lithium is no memory effect, which is the major manufacturers will be for publicity when the user instructions, it is not true, lithium battery materials is an active substance, the material for temperature, frequency of use, and so conditions are very sensitive when After a period of time the battery will be some aging, the most intuitive to use less time, why is it so what?

Natural wear and tear is one of the important reasons, but also knowing their careful care of the important reasons for this phenomenon, over-charging and over-discharging of the dell xps 15 battery rapid reduction activity, although the user to maintain the process of charging and discharging far Less than excessive standard (because the internal lithium battery protection circuit, over-charge and discharge fully protected), but there are no users thought of himself around such a phenomenon, sometimes under WINDOWS battery capacity and 20%, you can use 30 minutes, but suddenly about the machine automatically shut down, confuse, while Consult experts, experts will tell you it is because the battery is aging, the battery protection circuit monitors the battery has not a very good real capacity, why is it so? I have to tell you combine the truth, everyone will have guessed, this protection circuit in the end how much credibility? Mentioned phenomenon is one of the most intuitive excessive discharge performance, so that where you can completely break a conceptual error: the battery in the normal daily wear and tear, the protection circuit will be more and more inaccurate, if you still insist this time the maintenance of the principle of complete charge and discharge, then I believe this battery life is approaching, then there is no such visual performance when there is no damage to the batteries? The author of this noncommittal, but I hope you seriously consider the automatic power-down caused by the reasons mentioned above, whether only the natural wear and tear of the factors in there.

So the author of this principle to provide a proper maintenance one:

Use process without deliberately request to charge to 100%, used in automatic shutdown this maintenance mode, but preferably about 20% is used to start, charging 98% or so you can stop charging (hurry to use the case, the author not opposed to full charge), does not cause damage to the dell inspiron 1564 battery, if the machine has the power calibration procedure, then you can choose 1-2 months calibrated once, so that the protection circuit full effect.

Two: buy a new battery need three times a full charge to fully activate the active

If you can accept my point of view mentioned above, you'll probably think this is the point of view is nonsense. Activate? Lithium battery factory when the battery in order to avoid damage to natural wear and tear, all with a certain amount of power, so that the activation of the work has been fully completed in the factory (activation process must exist in the absence of the protection circuit to complete the case), try Imagine lithium dell inspiron 15r battery protection circuit with the circuit itself, this circuit is to avoid over-charge and discharge the battery, then you use a protection circuit for a lithium battery for up to 10 hours of charging, Oh, what a ridiculous thing, when the charging light goes out when the battery has been rejected recharge, and you then plug it stuck into the red is not a trace of electricity, so that the activation of a say is ridiculous, completely apply a set of NiMH batteries, live responsibility for an argument. In order to verify the author of this statement, you can install a software called BATTERY MON, when the charge lamp turns off when the battery case in his column you can see the battery status is online but is not charging. There is also a more intuitive way, when charging the battery will heat, according to the manufacturer's instructions when you charge ten hours after you then touch the battery hot? In other words, if you really want to charge for 10 hours, then activated, and really be able to charge more than 10 hours electric power, then, even with slow charging, the battery has also been bombed.

Therefore, the author's official website dedicated to the IBM conducted a check, the above clearly wrote: lithium dell inspiron 14 battery can not be the depth of charge and discharge.

So I made this a correct maintenance of two principles: computers, technology, IT, learning, communication, network security, QQ, hardware, software, programming, tutorials, do not need to say according to the manufacturer, the battery for 10 hours The rechargeable dell latitude d630 battery to activate the activity, brought on by the principle is relatively good, but due to a long period of storage, the battery will be appropriate to reduce activity, it is best to use the battery to be fully charged before use.

Three: do not use the battery when it is best to remove the battery to prevent overcharging.

The origin of the error seems to be a chain reaction, so I do not have erroneous views seem to have much talking as we explained, is already a natural mistake, over-charging for a well-designed lithium battery is not there, it That is the reason why there should be one of the reasons the protection circuit, or the above-mentioned reason, as long as the charging indicator light is off it means the action has no charge, over-charging problem ceased to exist, but for a long time without used dell latitude d620 battery, or not so good, because the protection circuit between the batteries and have a certain measurement error, this time is the best way to calibrate a battery calibration procedures, and then to use.

So I made this a correct maintenance of the three principles:

You can rest assured of the battery is placed in the machine, it will not overcharge problem exists, but there is a problems that require attention, lithium batteries in hot environments will speed up aging, if you are using a notebook design is imperfect, the battery and the CUP, hard drives and other big fever placed very close, then it is accelerated aging possible if just you often do not use it or to remove the dell inspiron 1501 battery to (in some capacity in the case, such as 40%), to prevent overheating on battery damage caused


New laptop battery maintenance

New Laptop Accessories maintenance

Battery is a "consumable" battery depletion depends upon usuallu when you use it for that correctness in the operation, the operation mode, operating frequency, ambient temperature, storage time (for unused batteries) and also other factors .

  1 battery charge and discharge is directly related towards life of the battery, the general lithium Laptop battery charge and discharge times during about only 400 ~ 600 times, improved version from the product, but 800 times, once for each rechargeable battery to work with on the end of the step forward. (When 85% from the battery charge capacity, and improve the time are going to be recorded charging times.)

  For that reason, if the battery voltage is higher than it management program set charge 96% with the starting value, and there are places within your current 220V AC power, make an attempt using AC power, to minimize the quantity of battery charge to supply life of the Dell Laptop Battery.

  And the battery taken off the device don't even have to, because the boot you should definitely in excess of 96% from the battery capacity to become charged. But even so, a high level long-term use AC power and rarely make use of the battery, it had been suggested to get rid of battery in the machine on the better, because long-running laptop heat generated when the battery will cause some damage. It ought to be noted that in this instance once the AC power off, your unsaved data are going to be supported since there is no battery lost, i thought this was failing, the user must make good tradeoff.

  (2) In the event the Hp Laptop Battery is 3-5 percent, it is timely to charge battery, or battery self-discharge phenomenon will result in over-discharge and damage the battery, charging the device can at shutdown, suspend and every other state, you may also next to each other rechargeable .

  Charge must be a full, otherwise it'll damage battery. This can be depending on avoiding slow up the charge to enhance with cycle number of charge cycles and shorten battery life; as opposed to due to the "memory feature" issue, unlike lithium nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery incorporates a "memory effect", the lithium battery don't even have a "memory Characteristics. "

  Like charging the machine at shutdown or hibernation, when the charge to 3 to 4 hours following your green power indicator is no longer beating, electricity has reached 100% right now, you must unplug the AC power plug to stop timely Acer Laptop Battery overcharge caused damage it.

  Waiting with the machine, such as charging, hang, or through charging state, when the charge to a few to 4 hours after the green power indicator is no longer beating, it will automatically exit the charging status.

  Charging process are going to be completed fast charging, then a power status indicator turns yellow (lit), filled to your certain value, then used trickle charge current is slow, next the power status indicator flashes green color becomes ; has become brimming with 100%, you turn green (steady) up. Lithium is often a constant voltage charging process, the charging start voltage means soon will stabilize, and also the current is smaller.

  3 battery seriously isn't fully depleted before (ie electricity at 5 to 100%), don't charge Asus Laptop Battery, otherwise it is going to lessen the charge to improve with cycle variety of charge cycles and shorten battery.

  When the power is 5 to 95% when on battery, so when you employ the AC power adapter will charge it (through charging status).

  4 If the battery is 96 to 100% or battery taken off your machine may be switched on with all the AC power adapter, AC power adapter, please operate the AC power adapter DC output connect the equipment, then position the AC power connect 220V ~ socket; take away the AC power adapter should first unplug the AC power cord from the machine before you decide to unplug the AC power adapter's DC output plug. This may affect your equipment.

  With all the AC power adapter if your AC power plug 220V ~ socket, as you move the machine's power status indicator has lights front (Note: during about 5 seconds) please press the power button to show on; shutdown, or enter sleep, in addition to the green power indicator light has become outside all off, please disconnect from AC 220V ~ socket power plug (not later than 5 seconds), unplug the AC power plug after about 5 seconds, saving money power indicator chimes; otherwise the battery will result in harm to the battery overcharge. Shutdown state as a result of AC power adapter continues to be not remove the state, the system's power management program along with the Sony Laptop Battery inside the power management chip is composed from the interface circuit automatically after approximately 5 seconds in the "charge off state" to charge battery . (If necessary, do not unplug the AC power on the machine's DC output plug adapter, next the battery is not going to reverse discharge through the AC power adapter.)

  Should you go wrong to generate the device into standby or suspend state, not from 220V ~ socket unplug the AC power plug; therefore still need the power to keep the device. (Not advised for years to generate the equipment into standby or suspend state to look after your machine.)

  5. IBM ThinkPad notebook computers within the technical specifications in the relevant data inside the marked "battery" is especially manufacturers measured within the conditions on the indicators we generally under conditions of normal operate the laptop is not achieved by way of example: technical specifications related data are marked "battery" as four hours, in normal use, we just get about 3.5 hours of electric Lenovo Laptop Battery supply.


Laptop battery use longer

samsung n150 battery use longer, a shorter period support. The way to properly utilize the laptop battery to increase the "wake up" their potential, that's the most laptop users ought to questions. That tips on how to extend laptop battery time? Following points provide brief introduction laptop battery maintenance methods.

one in read carefully before while using laptop samsung rc512 battery maintenance part of the manual;

(2) The very first charge, it is best to continuously charge battery to 12 hours, and cycle to completely charge and discharge completely 3 x to awaken a whole new samsung q310 battery;

3 If prolonged using external power supply, it is best to eliminate the asus a42 battery. The majority of my pals failed to notice this issue, take away the battery without external power not just affect battery life, laptop also allows heat burden becomes heavier, shorter lifetime of notebook computers;

4 regularly charge and discharge. Even without the memory effect of lithium-ion sony vgp-bps21 battery there is a certain inertia effect for an extended time never to use lithium-ion lack of activity, ought to re-activate. Therefore, when a long time (3 weeks or longer) without resorting to your personal computer or find that it charge and discharge time shorter, must be fully discharged before charging it, usually leastways a month a complete charge and discharge times.

5 best to switch off when charging laptop, the hp 625 battery is usually fully charged, will not unplug the energy come by the charge. Charge off shorter as opposed to boot charging in excess of 30% of charging time, which enable it to extend the battery life. Preferably fully charged for a half-hour before use.

6 in order to avoid experience of prevent damp to stop the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid exposure to metal objects touch the samsung q10 battery short, etc. happen.

Lithium battery charge and discharge times is often not more than 800 times, each one of these charge, it'll shorten lifespan. Report that you use an external power supply, if you utilize half-way multiple plug power, built-in acer aspire 7740 battery as well as the laptop failed to extract, will make a great battery shortened because whenever access matches an external power supply charge the battery once.


Laptop battery causes of damage

Laptop battery causes of damage

acer aspire 5515 battery works on the reasonable length of time, it is sometimes sufficient dissatisfaction with electricity, and in some cases show it is damaged, concrete expression with the resistance becomes large, the voltage over the charging up faster. So simple to charge negative feedback circuit is judged to get been filled, the capacity will naturally decline. Since relatively large battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop, top speed, therefore the method is an easy task to mistakenly believe voltage isn't enough, deficit of electricity. The discovery of relatively short acer aspire 5515 battery, you should make appropriate measures.

When no external power supply situation, if the working conditions being a lot less than pcmcia card slot, experts recommend to take out the credit card first to increase battery, at room temperature (20-30 degrees) with the battery of the very most suitable working temperature temperatures are too much or too low operating environment will reduce sony vgp-bps2 battery usage time, provide a stable power in an environment utilizing a notebook computer, remove the battery longer battery life is just not correct. Within the HP laptop, when the electric batteries has been fully charged, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, therefore the phenomenon of overcharging will not occur, experts recommend to conduct a 3-month average electric batteries correction action to minimize using it the volume of battery charge and discharge is proportional one's per charge, battery with a step of progress to retirement. Claim that you use a power supply, readily external power supply if the battery removed, some users often many times every day Plug Power, and notebook computers designed with an electric battery, doing more damage to samsung rf511 battery. Because every time access matches another power charge it once the battery life shortened with a naturally.

Power exhaustion following charge and avoid charging time is simply too long, no matter what your notebook to work with nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power need to be exhausted following the full (capacity below 1%), which is the best way of avoiding the memory effect . Lithium also provide memory effect, however it is memory effect than Ni-MH few Bale.

Usually Precautions

When utilized in peacetime to counteract contact with prevent damp in order to avoid the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid exposure to the hp 420 battery contact with metal objects such happening.

Third, notebook battery maintenance three minor problems

Now popular bands are using laptops a lot more, it can be to bring users it's ease of use, allow us to fully experience the fun brought by mobile office. But ya think, why is laptops so convenient? Actually, its asus f5 battery, no battery about the laptop in functionality and general desktop no difference. Meanwhile inside laptop battery is additionally expensive consumables, its life longer we operate the lower the fee, and now we should discuss how to maintain the use of your dell xps 15 battery.

(A) the desire to activate a fresh battery

Actually, the activation from the battery be employed in the factory will need to have been finished, the laptop asus f52 battery factory brought a little electricity to natural wear and tear in order to avoid damaging it. Activation with the battery protection circuit should be even without the circumstances, and will itself with lithium battery protection circuit block circuit design purpose is usually to avoid excessive battery charge and discharge, usually in the event the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator extinguished as soon as, not inside the state of power over it, than the time afterward you plug the charger to charge the above mentined isn't any meaning. We can see on the battery around the status of the acer aspire 5738g battery is charging, you will find there's simple way to evaluate if it is charging, it charging time will emit a lot of heat, if your battery is full after sixty minutes (charger will not pull the facility plug is temporarily down), you go to touch the batteries, on this occasion you'll find that the battery is at an ordinary state, even now opt for longer at the moment because the battery state of charge, of course, there will be no heat is produced.

(Two) How to correctly charge

Regardless of notebook to work with nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries, these batteries certainly are a memory effect, NiMH acer as07b41 battery have significant memory effect, lithium have memory effect, however its memory effect of Ni-MH small number in accordance with it. We have now got word of the so-called lithium batteries don't have a memory effect saying, but that is some js exaggeration to state, the purpose is wrong to steer consumers. Since lithium batteries have memory effect, then this charge need to perform out then charge, do whatever it wanted to go charging charging, so although convenient to use them, but it really will shorten battery life. But we've zero require completely used isoelectric charge, that is an excessive amount trouble. Although this for the reason that battery isn't within the protection in the protection circuit won't damage the battery, but nothing special need. In truth, when power is lower than 3% charge about it, the memory effect is an objective reality, but when compared with natural wear and tear, what hasn't.

(Three) the need to use an external power supply unplug it

In fact, this is dependent upon usuallu when you use a power just isn't needed to charge the hp 620 battery, the battery charge is directly related one's, generally, the lithium battery charge and discharge times is fixed, the charge number only 500 or so, at most no more than 800 times. We each battery charge, correspondingly, thus lowering the quantity of times a rechargeable. However many notebook manufacturers are taking into account the vulnerability with the battery, adding the battery protection technology won't meet certain conditions won't be charged. Even so, if you use the pc for a long time when working with a power supply is recommended which you disconnect it as the battery temperature is also the bane of merely one with the laptops utilized should have a particular temperature, and that is very harmful to it. Course, if you're unsure of this battery, i quickly suggest you to definitely pull down your battery then readily external power, because not every samsung rv511 battery employ a protection circuit


How to extend laptop battery life

"Hey! How any electricity, not done it!" My friends are not often encounter such a situation, job half-done, laptops no electricity, indoor Fortunately, if you are outside, may trouble, how to make use of our laptop HP Pavilion dm4 Battery last longer point of it? Nanchang home network Xiaobian today with everyone about the next.

1. When no external power supply situation, if the working conditions at the time being less than PCMCIA card slot, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend HP Pavilion DV7 Battery life.

2. Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the battery of the most suitable working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce HP Pavilion DV6 Battery life.

3. Can provide a stable power environment using a laptop computer, remove the battery for extended battery life. On Asus notebooks, when the battery power is fully charged, the HP Pavilion DV4 Battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur.

4. Proposal to conduct a three-month average battery power correction action.

5. To minimize the number of battery

Battery charge and discharge is directly related to life per charge, HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery on a step forward to retirement. Suggest that you use an external power supply

6. Use an external power supply when the battery removed.

Some users often several times a day Plug Power, and notebook computers equipped with a battery, doing more damage to the battery. Because every time access is equivalent to an external power supply charge the toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery once the battery life shortened by a naturally.
7 Power exhaustion after the charge and avoid charging time is too long

Regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power must be exhausted after the full (capacity less than 1%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. Lithium also have memory effect, but its memory effect than Ni-MH small number of Bale.

8. Usually Precautions

When used in peacetime to prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the sony vgp-bps10 battery contact with metal objects such happening.


Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

From the laptop was born that day, about the acer aspire one d257 battery controversy has never stopped, because the use of persistence is the laptop a very important technical indicators, while the capacity of the battery determines the laptop this important indicator. In the end how to use to maximize battery efficiency, extending battery life of it? Below, we will talk list several we often vulnerable to errors: (without descriptions are for now the most commonly used lithium-ion batteries)

Now the most commonly used lithium-ion battery

One, for the first time using the acer aspire one d257 battery, the first three need to be charged 12 hours?

This is absolutely not necessary. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the asus k53e battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, does not mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

Second, in order to prevent the memory effect, we should run out of power before charging it?

Each charge before the asus k53e battery discharge is not necessary, but also harmful. Because proved: the battery depth of discharge would unnecessarily shorten battery life, we recommend that when the battery is used by about 10% when you can recharge. Of course, when the batteries are still more than 30% of electricity is better not to charge, because the memory effect does exist.

Third, insert the AC outlet, the asus k53e battery should be brought down to prevent repeated charge and discharge it?

My advice to you is: do not! Of course, you can take lithium-ion batteries naturally discharge to refute me, saying that the acer aspire 5536 battery is natural discharge, if there is power access will appear repeatedly charge and discharge conditions, reducing the battery life. And I give you "No" This answers to the following reasons:

1 Now the notebook power control circuit design of this feature: that when the battery reaches 90% (such as HP's most models) or 95% will be charged, but through natural discharge to achieve this capacity for 2 thoughtful one month, when the acer aspire 5536 battery is idle about a month to be fully charged and discharged in order to maintain the battery capacity, this time you should be concerned about is the battery should exercise the body instead of being idle again after charging.

(2) Even if the battery "unfortunate" to be recharged, the losses will not be higher than for a long time without the acer aspire 5741 battery caused by the power drops much greater.

3 Your data than your lenovo g560 battery or your notebook are much more valuable, a sudden power failure not only of your notebook injury, can not restore the data is too late to regret