Four laptop battery maintenance methods

Four laptop battery maintenance methods 
Laptop dell studio 1737 battery quality and battery life is when you buy notebook particular concern, in fact, how to make good use of laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the use of life and other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users is a problem, and notebook asus k50ij battery There are many methods and techniques, which requires us to pay more in peacetime use of learning and application. The next comparison would be a brief four kinds of maintenance methods. We want to help. 
I still have electricity, please put me exhausted 
1 First, the user wants to make the books of the dell vostro 1510 battery longevity, it needs to have a good start, when we buy a notebook, the battery should be some remaining capacity, which is to allow users to use the testing machine (if you find that the battery battery is full, then the proof of this machine being used), at this time, you should not use external power, the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, then use the external power supply charge. 
2 Do not charge the toshiba pa3818u-1brs battery to the laptop in the rain: Rainy often thunder and lightning caused by the transient current impact in terms of the battery is extremely unfavorable. In addition, the process of using the laptop HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery stable voltage is also particularly important. Users should avoid the notebook's power adapter and power appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines) connected to the same power outlet. 
Avoid high pressure and high temperature 
3, regular samsung q320 battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee every time thoroughly clean and recharge the battery used, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (which is full, put a clean refill), or regularly BIOS built-in battery calibration function for maintenance, so that prolong the battery life is very good. 
hp elitebook 8540w battery to completely discharge during storage 
4 If some users use the asus g73 battery for long periods, you need to charge a battery to power more than 50% during storage, it is a good battery subsequent use. In addition, the storage process must pay attention to indoor temperature, high or low temperature impact on the hp pavilion dv6700 battery is relatively large, the best storage temperature is around 20 degrees.