Buy laptop battery knowledge points

Buy laptop battery knowledge points

Face numerous laptop accessories market. When you want to settle on laptop HP Pavilion dm4 Battery, the way to protect their interests against JS infringement it? The easiest way is to become a cell before its fundamentals. Understand.
The real difference between different battery warranty period

    Currently available on the market there are many of quality assurance 3 months, six months, 1 year warranty laptop HP Pavilion DV7 Battery, the visible difference between a lot of these warranty where it?
    12 months warranty laptop battery, make use of the A grade raw material, has a enlightening experience of laptop battery development, quality control and process improvement.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    Warranty for 90 days or a few months of laptop HP Pavilion DV6 Battery, just about all have in common, that is neither a manufacturer, address, no cell phone number, the so-called warranty may be just empty words, there isn't any guarantee either the content nor the scope of protection, to ensure Removing the battery is mainly used batteries recycling batteries and protection board, and also some not even protect the board usually are not, the cost can be quite low, the use of really dangerous consumer rights is not guaranteed.

Inexpensive original battery credibility

    Original battery prices are generally greater than 1,000 yuan, in the specified order aftermarket repair center before they can get ,7-15 days arrive, an original battery has two main sources: A, original HP Pavilion DV4 Battery factory defective, comprising 5% with the total so, very few. B, host factory equipment inventory, lately maintenance use, therefore the hands of consumers at least per year to a year and a half of inventory, and even many hosts halted, an original battery also bought less.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    The warranty for 90 days out there and also the expense is suprisingly low or semi-original laptop battery, without exception, are fake. Plus its just a standard battery, the expense of 0.3-0.5 million. Usage of waste batteries are recycled, inconsistent performance, the application of very short period, and it is prone to damage the host. Such fake original battery without warranty documents, product barcode symbols, manufacturers, phone number and address, after the customer experience quality problems, it is sometimes complicated to have service.

How to handle damaged batteries

    Many consumers ask: bad battery can speak to the fix-it shop directly replace the batteries do? The answer then is no
    Laptop battery capacity by HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery in series and parallel implementation. Batteries index difference tightly controlled, otherwise quite different batteries, battery charging and discharging process could be the performance from the power supply isn't charged or discharged success, and also this is a separate batteries from overcharging or discharging, allowing the entire battery group does not work, the bigger the visible difference actually batteries overcharge or discharge, leakage or explosion may occur, the results may be disastrous.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    Manufacturers of batteries for testing and matching products are expensive, is not a normal computer city called professional maintenance staff can count on a multimeter done, they count on a multimeter can be performed at most of the should be to control the internal resistance with the batteries inside the accuracy required Are you aware that actual storage capacity batteries, long life, charge and discharge the effective time, generally can't detect it cannot be truth sense of the pairing, the so-called service is formal, the battery's capability to store electricity rather than as a consequence of replacement batteries and improve .