Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

Laptop battery maintenance of several major errors

From the laptop was born that day, about the acer aspire one d257 battery controversy has never stopped, because the use of persistence is the laptop a very important technical indicators, while the capacity of the battery determines the laptop this important indicator. In the end how to use to maximize battery efficiency, extending battery life of it? Below, we will talk list several we often vulnerable to errors: (without descriptions are for now the most commonly used lithium-ion batteries)

Now the most commonly used lithium-ion battery

One, for the first time using the acer aspire one d257 battery, the first three need to be charged 12 hours?

This is absolutely not necessary. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the asus k53e battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, does not mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

Second, in order to prevent the memory effect, we should run out of power before charging it?

Each charge before the asus k53e battery discharge is not necessary, but also harmful. Because proved: the battery depth of discharge would unnecessarily shorten battery life, we recommend that when the battery is used by about 10% when you can recharge. Of course, when the batteries are still more than 30% of electricity is better not to charge, because the memory effect does exist.

Third, insert the AC outlet, the asus k53e battery should be brought down to prevent repeated charge and discharge it?

My advice to you is: do not! Of course, you can take lithium-ion batteries naturally discharge to refute me, saying that the acer aspire 5536 battery is natural discharge, if there is power access will appear repeatedly charge and discharge conditions, reducing the battery life. And I give you "No" This answers to the following reasons:

1 Now the notebook power control circuit design of this feature: that when the battery reaches 90% (such as HP's most models) or 95% will be charged, but through natural discharge to achieve this capacity for 2 thoughtful one month, when the acer aspire 5536 battery is idle about a month to be fully charged and discharged in order to maintain the battery capacity, this time you should be concerned about is the battery should exercise the body instead of being idle again after charging.

(2) Even if the battery "unfortunate" to be recharged, the losses will not be higher than for a long time without the acer aspire 5741 battery caused by the power drops much greater.

3 Your data than your lenovo g560 battery or your notebook are much more valuable, a sudden power failure not only of your notebook injury, can not restore the data is too late to regret