Notebook battery maintenance

Notebook battery maintenance
In addition to the process of using the laptop battery some of the details and skills in everyday applications should also pay attention to the use of laptop
acer aspire 5536 battery environment, which also affect battery performance and maintenance of batteries is very important aspect.

     Prevent the high temperature, exposure

     Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the 
compaq presario v3000 battery of the most suitable working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce battery life. In testing, we found 100% charge state of the battery if maintained at a relatively high temperature (about 60 degrees Celsius), the battery capacity will be decreased by 10% to 40%. Therefore, the high temperature will accelerate the decline in battery capacity, acer aspire 5741 battery life and reduce life expectancy.

     Maintaining a stable voltage

     In the process of using the notebook
lenovo g560 battery, stable voltage is also very important. Users should avoid the notebook's power adapter and high-power electrical appliances (such as air conditioning, television, etc.) connected to the same power outlet.

     Attention to maintaining stable voltage

     The reason is simple, high-power electrical appliances on or off when the instantaneous pressure will form and lead to
sony vaio c series battery damage, and multiple high-power electrical outlet using the same short circuit may also cause problems, prone to danger.


     Introduces the basics of laptop
asus eee 1005ha battery, allowing users to buy the notebook when the battery can be targeted choices and be able to clearly determine which battery is more suitable for them.

     Clarify laptop
samsung r720 battery use some of the errors, allowing users to more clearly how to use the laptop battery.

     Describes the details of the use of laptop
dell inspiron 1545 battery and tips to help users make better use of the battery, extending battery life.