Long without batteries not set aside

Long without samsung r700 battery not set aside

This problem is often ignored users. But this problem is not small, and I talk to the laptop engineer told the author, many notebook manufacturers will recommend that users control the samsung n150 battery power more than about 5%, such an approach is to eliminate passivation of electrode, because the laptop battery at the factory it had already started to slow self-discharge (to activate the battery thing has been done in the workshop, we do not need to worry about), a laptop is likely to be consumers in the factory six months after purchase, and the battery has discharged six months the. Here again I recommend my friends that if long-term without the battery and AC adapter, it is best to leave the laptop battery 40% - 50% of the electricity allowed to self-discharge, if there is no electricity, then let the samsung r780 battery self-discharge, it is easy to go wrong or even scrapped. You think, ah, self-discharge is certainly to be put, but there is no power you put it, ah, no problem strange!

There is also a need to pay attention to the problem: If the long-term without the battery-powered and powered by an AC adapter (such as students), put the battery in a cool dry place such as cabinets. This approach is to avoid humid environment, while if the machine do not, it is best to separate the battery and place the books, do not believe we bought cell phones and books when attention to see, business is not separated from the acer aspire 4720z battery and the machine?

F, crashed but there is no way to pull the battery

I have also seen some friends before the machine does not shut down phenomenon, even illegal shutdown do not work, Blame the great "fainted dead" system now! Finally her brother directly to a one with eyes closed two stomping three to pull the acer aspire 4720 battery, only to hear the books scream was shut. In fact, this practice is very harmful, because in the standby state, the memory is powered and working, if sloppy take down the battery directly, data loss is inevitable, but do not plug the AC adapter when the battery is taken, this approach can only be a hundred more harm.


Share laptop battery repair of several major skills

Share laptop battery repair of several major skills

One, buy a new dell inspiron n5010d 148 battery does not require activation, don't need the primary three charge 12 hours deep charge deep discharge, generally lithium principles and characteristics in the decision. Created to protect battery power, it is impossible to completely use up all your power, as well as it really is impossible to overcharge.

Second, notebook dell inspiron n5010d battery life greatly influenced because of the surrounding environment, a good option laptop among 25 degrees to 40 degrees environment. If you need to place a long battery really should be placed in a dry and cool environment, and produce up most of in the remaining power supply, generally monthly possibly even out to enrich my knowledge, used once at stake.

Third, notebook dell inspiron n5010 battery capacity isn't the bigger better. Under normal circumstances greater the capacity with the laptop life of the battery shorter. Battery cycle own life is limited, usually not many hundred times. And not charging times, but to fully discharge times, that used laptop connect battery compartment once the external power once the remaining power is 95%, it will recharge an electric dell inspiron n4030d battery to 100%, this is not one charge, to the 20 times, assembled one hundred% full power, full considered from a complete cycle. Hence the laptop battery runs completely from power recharge approach isn't correct, but additionally damage to it.

Fourth, the voltage is just not normal will damage the pc. Underhand or low pressure will damage it, it is strongly recommended involving the original laptop power adapter. Also well suited for dell inspiron n4030 battery charging and shallow shallow discharge, so that you can minimize cell loss occurs, the charge range is 20% to 80% of the most extremely appropriate. The deep drawing unwanted lithium ion battery deep discharge lithium-ion battery may cause permanent problems for the anode and cathode. But once in a very deep charge deep discharge battery may be corrected consumption data shown, but correcting the more the number the more the injury for the dell inspiron n4020 battery, so attempt to do less correction.


Misunderstanding the use of laptop batteries

Misunderstanding the use of laptop batteries.

First, the laptop battery at the factory will be activated, in order to avoid wear and tear affect
batteries sky performance, will remain a small amount of electrical energy. So users get a notebook that had been activated, and if the dealer puts it like three times before charging every 12 hours, in the completion of a laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, the charging time is not only unnecessary maintained to 12 hours, and doing so is to increase the battery loss. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge method can be used.

Secondly, the
laptop battery should not completely discharge the battery devastating. With the use of time and number of charge cycles vary, decreasing power is normal, not excessive pursuit of the perfect data, no use. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, does not mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

Also in the everyday use of the
Dell laptop battery, you can provide a stable power supply in the case of using the notebook, remove the battery can delay the battery life. Because the battery charge and discharge directly to the life of each battery charge, battery on a step forward to retirement. Laptop battery life is generally 500-600 charge and discharge times, so most of the useful life of the battery in two years.
DOD is the abbreviation of the depth of discharge. Seen from the table, you can charge and discharge times the depth, 10% DOD cycle life than the 100% DOD for much longer. Of course, if the actual charge equivalent to the relative total capacity found that: 10% * 1000 = 100 and 100% * 200 = 200, in comparison, the latter a full charge and discharge or better than some. However, the life of the
HP laptop battery is mainly reflected in the charge-discharge cycle, the cycle is an absolute concept, and the last 30% of the electricity used, full power, the next time use of electricity of 70%, and full power, this happens to be a charge cycles. Therefore, the inventor of lithium or follow the slogan "use namely charge, that charge is used," the method uses lithium batteries.

Finally suggest you use an external power supply to minimize battery usage time and frequency of use. Usually in the use of
Acer laptop battery is also taken to prevent the sunlight, pay attention to moisture, prevent erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the battery contact with metal objects such happening.

Laptop which is a feature of portability, so comes standard with
Asus laptop battery, battery charger chip internal management and procedures, automatically manages battery charge and discharge, including what time charge? Remaining capacity How much? Whether the depth of discharge? And so automatic recording and management.Click to enlarge

Another normal use with
Sony laptop battery, laptops and battery life is roughly equal, if the battery is removed, the computer end of its life, the battery base also useless.


Buy laptop battery knowledge points

Buy laptop battery knowledge points

Face numerous laptop accessories market. When you want to settle on laptop HP Pavilion dm4 Battery, the way to protect their interests against JS infringement it? The easiest way is to become a cell before its fundamentals. Understand.
The real difference between different battery warranty period

    Currently available on the market there are many of quality assurance 3 months, six months, 1 year warranty laptop HP Pavilion DV7 Battery, the visible difference between a lot of these warranty where it?
    12 months warranty laptop battery, make use of the A grade raw material, has a enlightening experience of laptop battery development, quality control and process improvement.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    Warranty for 90 days or a few months of laptop HP Pavilion DV6 Battery, just about all have in common, that is neither a manufacturer, address, no cell phone number, the so-called warranty may be just empty words, there isn't any guarantee either the content nor the scope of protection, to ensure Removing the battery is mainly used batteries recycling batteries and protection board, and also some not even protect the board usually are not, the cost can be quite low, the use of really dangerous consumer rights is not guaranteed.

Inexpensive original battery credibility

    Original battery prices are generally greater than 1,000 yuan, in the specified order aftermarket repair center before they can get ,7-15 days arrive, an original battery has two main sources: A, original HP Pavilion DV4 Battery factory defective, comprising 5% with the total so, very few. B, host factory equipment inventory, lately maintenance use, therefore the hands of consumers at least per year to a year and a half of inventory, and even many hosts halted, an original battery also bought less.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    The warranty for 90 days out there and also the expense is suprisingly low or semi-original laptop battery, without exception, are fake. Plus its just a standard battery, the expense of 0.3-0.5 million. Usage of waste batteries are recycled, inconsistent performance, the application of very short period, and it is prone to damage the host. Such fake original battery without warranty documents, product barcode symbols, manufacturers, phone number and address, after the customer experience quality problems, it is sometimes complicated to have service.

How to handle damaged batteries

    Many consumers ask: bad battery can speak to the fix-it shop directly replace the batteries do? The answer then is no
    Laptop battery capacity by HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery in series and parallel implementation. Batteries index difference tightly controlled, otherwise quite different batteries, battery charging and discharging process could be the performance from the power supply isn't charged or discharged success, and also this is a separate batteries from overcharging or discharging, allowing the entire battery group does not work, the bigger the visible difference actually batteries overcharge or discharge, leakage or explosion may occur, the results may be disastrous.
    Buy laptop battery knowledge points
    Manufacturers of batteries for testing and matching products are expensive, is not a normal computer city called professional maintenance staff can count on a multimeter done, they count on a multimeter can be performed at most of the should be to control the internal resistance with the batteries inside the accuracy required Are you aware that actual storage capacity batteries, long life, charge and discharge the effective time, generally can't detect it cannot be truth sense of the pairing, the so-called service is formal, the battery's capability to store electricity rather than as a consequence of replacement batteries and improve .

The ultimate laptop battery

The ultimate laptop battery maintenance tips is the "only power without the battery." Of course, if we must use the batteries sky, then assemble Internet to your attention the following points:

1 Do not place the laptop battery long time where high or low temperatures. Most suitable laptop battery working temperature of 20 degrees -30 degrees, the temperature is too high or too low will affect battery life.

2 laptop
Dell laptop battery if long-term is no electricity, will shorten its life.

3 When not using a laptop, it is best to take out the
Dell laptop battery.

Above, that is, the various parts of the laptop maintenance methods. Everyone in cleaning the notebook, but also pay attention to the following points:

1 Before cleaning the notebook, you need to turn off the computer, unplug the power cord.

(2) When using cleaning agents must be careful, do not put detergent into the machine internally, in order to avoid a short circuit occurs at boot time, burn out the machine.

3 If you use a cleaning agent, so it is best to dry up and then boot.

4 Select the cleaner must be careful. Currently, some poor quality cleaners, not only failed to dust, but also damage the screen.


Notebook battery maintenance

Notebook battery maintenance
In addition to the process of using the laptop battery some of the details and skills in everyday applications should also pay attention to the use of laptop
acer aspire 5536 battery environment, which also affect battery performance and maintenance of batteries is very important aspect.

     Prevent the high temperature, exposure

     Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the 
compaq presario v3000 battery of the most suitable working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce battery life. In testing, we found 100% charge state of the battery if maintained at a relatively high temperature (about 60 degrees Celsius), the battery capacity will be decreased by 10% to 40%. Therefore, the high temperature will accelerate the decline in battery capacity, acer aspire 5741 battery life and reduce life expectancy.

     Maintaining a stable voltage

     In the process of using the notebook
lenovo g560 battery, stable voltage is also very important. Users should avoid the notebook's power adapter and high-power electrical appliances (such as air conditioning, television, etc.) connected to the same power outlet.

     Attention to maintaining stable voltage

     The reason is simple, high-power electrical appliances on or off when the instantaneous pressure will form and lead to
sony vaio c series battery damage, and multiple high-power electrical outlet using the same short circuit may also cause problems, prone to danger.


     Introduces the basics of laptop
asus eee 1005ha battery, allowing users to buy the notebook when the battery can be targeted choices and be able to clearly determine which battery is more suitable for them.

     Clarify laptop
samsung r720 battery use some of the errors, allowing users to more clearly how to use the laptop battery.

     Describes the details of the use of laptop
dell inspiron 1545 battery and tips to help users make better use of the battery, extending battery life.


Laptop battery maintenance and repair serial

Laptop battery maintenance and repair serial
Remember before a general description about laptop laptop battery do? Its internal structure is mainly composed of two parts, a battery cell and a control board. We can look at this picture below, you can clear.
About the battery core, we can see, much like our usual AA Dell laptop battery, but no positive bump. We can see the laptop battery cells are basically 2200mAH, voltage is divided into two kinds, 3.6V and 3.7V.
According to circuit theory, if the 
HP laptop battery is connected in series, then its capacity, which is the mAH is unchanged, but the total voltage series is a single-cell voltage multiplier stages in series, for example, is multiplied by 4 3.6V 14.4V, we often say that the four cell laptop battery is 2200mAH, 14.4V.

If the batteries in parallel, the voltage across the same, but the capacity, which is multiplied by the parallel series mAH. For example 14.4V, 4400mAH battery, is to use eight Acer laptop battery cells connected in series through and constituted.
Although we usually reach battery core, but it still has models distinguish the difference. General model is 18650 or 17670,18 and 17 represent the diameter, length 650 and 670 representatives, the unit is mm, of course, there are also some special-shaped Asus laptop battery, such as 103,450, which we usually do not even touch on, not much to say.
We usually contact with the battery cell, but also hear a statement, such as Sanyo core or something. Indeed, the battery cell with brand differentiation, in general, Japanese and Korean series based, such as Sanyo, Samsung, LG, and some domestic brands, such as BYD.
Battery core domestic brands, and its quality is often unreliable, mainly poor consistency, the same Sony laptop battery cell, internal resistance and capacity, as well as the port voltage has a relatively large difference. Battery capacity is the bucket theory to calculate the worst. Thus, the domestic battery very popular.
There is also a holiday series Toshiba laptop battery, if the business say they are using a SONY, you may be necessary to carefully, we can not say are false, but many, very hard to detect.
Our common Sanyo battery cell, for example, in general, the capacity to distinguish by color, the red is 2200mAH, green is 2400mAH, sky blue 2600mAH. We can note, businesses give you for what color.
Incidentally, to represent mAH battery capacity is very scientific way, because it has the voltage difference, the same mAH, but the voltage is different, it is certainly a high voltage of electricity to be big. Should mWH (milliwatts) to measure more scientific. However, due to the convention, we generally also so with the hope that one day the market norms, and can change over, which can truly reflect the value of the commodity.


Four laptop battery maintenance methods

Four laptop battery maintenance methods 
Laptop dell studio 1737 battery quality and battery life is when you buy notebook particular concern, in fact, how to make good use of laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the use of life and other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users is a problem, and notebook asus k50ij battery There are many methods and techniques, which requires us to pay more in peacetime use of learning and application. The next comparison would be a brief four kinds of maintenance methods. We want to help. 
I still have electricity, please put me exhausted 
1 First, the user wants to make the books of the dell vostro 1510 battery longevity, it needs to have a good start, when we buy a notebook, the battery should be some remaining capacity, which is to allow users to use the testing machine (if you find that the battery battery is full, then the proof of this machine being used), at this time, you should not use external power, the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, then use the external power supply charge. 
2 Do not charge the toshiba pa3818u-1brs battery to the laptop in the rain: Rainy often thunder and lightning caused by the transient current impact in terms of the battery is extremely unfavorable. In addition, the process of using the laptop HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery stable voltage is also particularly important. Users should avoid the notebook's power adapter and power appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines) connected to the same power outlet. 
Avoid high pressure and high temperature 
3, regular samsung q320 battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee every time thoroughly clean and recharge the battery used, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (which is full, put a clean refill), or regularly BIOS built-in battery calibration function for maintenance, so that prolong the battery life is very good. 
hp elitebook 8540w battery to completely discharge during storage 
4 If some users use the asus g73 battery for long periods, you need to charge a battery to power more than 50% during storage, it is a good battery subsequent use. In addition, the storage process must pay attention to indoor temperature, high or low temperature impact on the hp pavilion dv6700 battery is relatively large, the best storage temperature is around 20 degrees.


Laptop battery maintenance knowledge

laptop battery maintenance knowledge from batteries sky

 To extend lenovo t500 battery, in daily use should be aware of energy efficiency, you are able to in the Bios power options "Maximum Life of the battery", one other can within the Bios you cannot close some popular devices for instance parallel, infrared, etc.; in Windows the "Power Management" dialog box, pick a power cover you; However you can just use some CPU cooling software enables the CPU cooling in order to save energy.

Notebook maintenance perspective - dell inspiron 1420 battery articles

Concept of terms:

StandBy mode (standby): monitors, harddrives, audio is switched off. Press Fn F3 operation.

Suspend mode (suspend): All tasks are stopped and saved to memory, except the memory of all the so-called products are stopped. Press Fn F4 operation.

Hibernate mode (Sleep): All tasks are stopped, and also the memory plus the current state is saved towards harddrive, it de-activate. Press Fn F12 operation.

lenovo y510 battery maintenance information about several: unplug battery without external power supply

We quite often receive this type of proposal, when an external power adapter, it really should be removed, the use of power, it is going to be charged on top, besides raise the volume of charge cycles, but will even increase the risk for phenomenon of overcharging, to the detriment of life of the dell inspiron mini 10 battery.

The reality is, the pool is taken away, the contradictions mostly are concentrated inside usage of external power once the battery is charged towards the issue. You recognize, dell vostro 1500 battery charge and discharge right to everything of the general lithium battery charge and discharge times set is fixed, the charge number only 400-600 times, specially modified products, but 800 times, once for every rechargeable batteries a pace toward retirement. The first view is actually afraid make use of power, it will be charged number one, not simply raise the number of charge cycles and cause overcharge.

But now the top brand models, a completely charged dell inspiron 14 battery on my pc, whenever using another power will not likely recharge. The truth is, many notebook manufacturers are taking into consideration the vulnerability from the battery, as well as the technique is included with it protection technology, and so the related different brand laptop batteries Charging protection technology is different, like some big manufacturers in this region is very well, such as: IBM, HP, Toshiba, Compaq, etc. And that is considered by far the most thoughtful IBM, IBM laptop battery discharge condition might be detected, ThinkPad notebook battery only below 95% of times will be charged automatically. This may play an amazing protective affect on it, and after this all kinds of other manufacturers have followed suit. So, like the battery, you don't to use some time to get down, since when a lot less than 95% almost daily it will eventually charge.

But even so, if you utilize your computer for years, or perhaps the dell Latitude d430 battery removed to higher, because long-running laptop heat generated if your battery may cause some damage. However, other sorts of "little brand" laptop batteries, may well not enjoy such treatment, because it is dirty inside the battery protection technology. I enjoy use a certain label of mobile computing, if fully charged battery within the above, using an external power is undoubtedly first charge about electricity, for the reason that battery storage may have a loss, it's impossible to succeed in 100%, not 100% given that , power supply attached to the charge. Each time access matches a power supply charge battery once, although only a small charge will probably be time. Therefore, we propose to work with it prior to their very own machines on the circumstances, go through the laptop manual, decide on another power supply in the event the battery removed.

Tips: Big brand models acer aspire 5735 battery put into battery protection technology, generally don't concern yourself about external power supply may cause it overcharge, small brands will not be treated this way, while we make use of the recommended based on his or her machines true might be, think about the laptop manual, go for another power if the battery removed. Battery Maintenance Knowledge IV: Other Considerations