Laptop Charger Beeping

Laptop charger is an inseparable accessory that comes with a laptop computer. It is an AC adapter that comes with a long cord that can be connected to the laptop for the purpose of charging rechargeable laptop batteries. As we all know, laptop charging is an essential to keep a laptop working. Most laptop batteries are made of lithium-ions which generally degrade with heavy charging and increased internal battery resistance, which is also called cell oxidation. Similar to all electronic devices, laptop chargers are also not free from problems. One of the commonly mentioned problem related to the laptop charger is its beeping and not charging the laptop battery. Well, there are quite a few things that might be responsible for the beeping noise of your laptop battery charger. Here in an article that deals with the possible causes as well as solutions for a beeping laptop charger. So, let's get started!
Why is My Laptop Charger Beeping?
Many laptop users complain about their charger not working. They also say that rather than charging the laptop, it makes a loud and continuous beeping noise, which is quite disturbing. Well, there are a few reasons that might be responsible for that beeping noise. Here are the possible reasons of a beeping laptop charger:
Problems with Adapter
As we know, a laptop charger works on an AC adapter. If there is some problem with the AC adapter, your charger might start beeping. For instance, there might be a loose connection in any of the internal components of the AC adapter of your laptop. In such cases, the charger makes noise only when it is connected and on other occasions it doesn't make any noise.
Problems with Supply
If there is some problem with the AC supply where you generally place your laptop charger might also be the reason behind laptop battery charger beeping. The problem might lie at the internal circuit of the plug wiring itself. Hence, you need to try different plugs of the house to see if the problem is actually with the charger or the electric fitting of your dwelling.
Problems with Circuit
If there is any problem regarding the electricity circuit then it might affect working process of laptop charger, which might lead to 'laptop battery beeping'. Most commonly, if the battery terminals get connected together to an extremely low resistance electricity conductor/wire, then it causes a high electricity current. As a result, the cell deliver a lot of energy in a short time.
Problems with Charger Manufacturing
Another reason that might cause laptop battery beeping is if you have purchased a faulty laptop charger. Chances are that you might get a defective charger at the purchase of your laptop, which might not be deliberate. This might happen with any brand and any manufacturer. Hence, you need to make it a point to check the laptop battery and charger as soon as you purchase it, so that any defects can be identified within the warranty period.
Solutions for Laptop Charger Beeping
Now that you know the possible reasons for the laptop battery not charging and the charger beeping, you also need to be aware about the solutions for the same. First of all, understand the fact that there are not too many things that you can do, when you come up with this problem. The only option that you are left with is of buying a brand new charger of the same brand. If there is no problem with the electricity circuit or the power supply, the only thing that you can do is to throw away the existing charger for a brand new one. There is another thing that you can do, if your laptop charger starts beeping within the warranty period. In such cases, you can contact the dealer from where you bought the laptop. You can also directly contact the customer care cell manufacturer and demand for battery charger replacement! These are the two best solutions that you can opt for.
A laptop charger is quite inexpensive as compared to the laptops and hence, rather than taking chances with life and performance of your laptop, it is always better to buy a new charger!
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