Laptop Battery Maintenance Precautions

Laptop Battery Maintenance Precautions

A: Notebook battery maintenance should follow the basic principles of full exhaustion.

This is perhaps the most maintenance principles we see, Oh, this is actually the most fundamental misconceptions, a simple analysis of this principle is to produce estimates of the original NiMH battery maintenance methods not copy come, if this principle in order to minimize dell inspiron mini 10 battery memory effect, for those early laptop battery (NiMH or NiCd) has a good protective effect, but for the current mainstream notebook equipped with lithium batteries will have the possibility of injury. Lithium is no memory effect, which is the major manufacturers will be for publicity when the user instructions, it is not true, lithium battery materials is an active substance, the material for temperature, frequency of use, and so conditions are very sensitive when After a period of time the battery will be some aging, the most intuitive to use less time, why is it so what?

Natural wear and tear is one of the important reasons, but also knowing their careful care of the important reasons for this phenomenon, over-charging and over-discharging of the dell xps 15 battery rapid reduction activity, although the user to maintain the process of charging and discharging far Less than excessive standard (because the internal lithium battery protection circuit, over-charge and discharge fully protected), but there are no users thought of himself around such a phenomenon, sometimes under WINDOWS battery capacity and 20%, you can use 30 minutes, but suddenly about the machine automatically shut down, confuse, while Consult experts, experts will tell you it is because the battery is aging, the battery protection circuit monitors the battery has not a very good real capacity, why is it so? I have to tell you combine the truth, everyone will have guessed, this protection circuit in the end how much credibility? Mentioned phenomenon is one of the most intuitive excessive discharge performance, so that where you can completely break a conceptual error: the battery in the normal daily wear and tear, the protection circuit will be more and more inaccurate, if you still insist this time the maintenance of the principle of complete charge and discharge, then I believe this battery life is approaching, then there is no such visual performance when there is no damage to the batteries? The author of this noncommittal, but I hope you seriously consider the automatic power-down caused by the reasons mentioned above, whether only the natural wear and tear of the factors in there.

So the author of this principle to provide a proper maintenance one:

Use process without deliberately request to charge to 100%, used in automatic shutdown this maintenance mode, but preferably about 20% is used to start, charging 98% or so you can stop charging (hurry to use the case, the author not opposed to full charge), does not cause damage to the dell inspiron 1564 battery, if the machine has the power calibration procedure, then you can choose 1-2 months calibrated once, so that the protection circuit full effect.

Two: buy a new battery need three times a full charge to fully activate the active

If you can accept my point of view mentioned above, you'll probably think this is the point of view is nonsense. Activate? Lithium battery factory when the battery in order to avoid damage to natural wear and tear, all with a certain amount of power, so that the activation of the work has been fully completed in the factory (activation process must exist in the absence of the protection circuit to complete the case), try Imagine lithium dell inspiron 15r battery protection circuit with the circuit itself, this circuit is to avoid over-charge and discharge the battery, then you use a protection circuit for a lithium battery for up to 10 hours of charging, Oh, what a ridiculous thing, when the charging light goes out when the battery has been rejected recharge, and you then plug it stuck into the red is not a trace of electricity, so that the activation of a say is ridiculous, completely apply a set of NiMH batteries, live responsibility for an argument. In order to verify the author of this statement, you can install a software called BATTERY MON, when the charge lamp turns off when the battery case in his column you can see the battery status is online but is not charging. There is also a more intuitive way, when charging the battery will heat, according to the manufacturer's instructions when you charge ten hours after you then touch the battery hot? In other words, if you really want to charge for 10 hours, then activated, and really be able to charge more than 10 hours electric power, then, even with slow charging, the battery has also been bombed.

Therefore, the author's official website dedicated to the IBM conducted a check, the above clearly wrote: lithium dell inspiron 14 battery can not be the depth of charge and discharge.

So I made this a correct maintenance of two principles: computers, technology, IT, learning, communication, network security, QQ, hardware, software, programming, tutorials, do not need to say according to the manufacturer, the battery for 10 hours The rechargeable dell latitude d630 battery to activate the activity, brought on by the principle is relatively good, but due to a long period of storage, the battery will be appropriate to reduce activity, it is best to use the battery to be fully charged before use.

Three: do not use the battery when it is best to remove the battery to prevent overcharging.

The origin of the error seems to be a chain reaction, so I do not have erroneous views seem to have much talking as we explained, is already a natural mistake, over-charging for a well-designed lithium battery is not there, it That is the reason why there should be one of the reasons the protection circuit, or the above-mentioned reason, as long as the charging indicator light is off it means the action has no charge, over-charging problem ceased to exist, but for a long time without used dell latitude d620 battery, or not so good, because the protection circuit between the batteries and have a certain measurement error, this time is the best way to calibrate a battery calibration procedures, and then to use.

So I made this a correct maintenance of the three principles:

You can rest assured of the battery is placed in the machine, it will not overcharge problem exists, but there is a problems that require attention, lithium batteries in hot environments will speed up aging, if you are using a notebook design is imperfect, the battery and the CUP, hard drives and other big fever placed very close, then it is accelerated aging possible if just you often do not use it or to remove the dell inspiron 1501 battery to (in some capacity in the case, such as 40%), to prevent overheating on battery damage caused