How to extend laptop battery life

"Hey! How any electricity, not done it!" My friends are not often encounter such a situation, job half-done, laptops no electricity, indoor Fortunately, if you are outside, may trouble, how to make use of our laptop HP Pavilion dm4 Battery last longer point of it? Nanchang home network Xiaobian today with everyone about the next.

1. When no external power supply situation, if the working conditions at the time being less than PCMCIA card slot, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend HP Pavilion DV7 Battery life.

2. Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the battery of the most suitable working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce HP Pavilion DV6 Battery life.

3. Can provide a stable power environment using a laptop computer, remove the battery for extended battery life. On Asus notebooks, when the battery power is fully charged, the HP Pavilion DV4 Battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur.

4. Proposal to conduct a three-month average battery power correction action.

5. To minimize the number of battery

Battery charge and discharge is directly related to life per charge, HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery on a step forward to retirement. Suggest that you use an external power supply

6. Use an external power supply when the battery removed.

Some users often several times a day Plug Power, and notebook computers equipped with a battery, doing more damage to the battery. Because every time access is equivalent to an external power supply charge the toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery once the battery life shortened by a naturally.
7 Power exhaustion after the charge and avoid charging time is too long

Regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power must be exhausted after the full (capacity less than 1%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. Lithium also have memory effect, but its memory effect than Ni-MH small number of Bale.

8. Usually Precautions

When used in peacetime to prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the sony vgp-bps10 battery contact with metal objects such happening.