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Should you have shopped around for Dell 02MTH3 Battery, you know that this place is Less expensive compared to one which Dell sells directly. My original Dell 02MTH3 Battery only lasted year or so so why would I am going to Dell and pay $150 to get a replacement when I might get a no-frills brand battery for only $28 including shipping? Whether or not this no-frills battery only lasts me six months, My business is still way prior to the game. OK, I am going to come down from my soapbox and convince you this $28 battery fit perfectly into our Dell laptop, and performs well. From a full charge, it runs the laptop for most hours before needing a recharge. Even at $100, this could be a good deal. At $28, it is a no-brainer. I propose this battery for anyone who needs a replacement or spare battery for thier Dell laptop. let me begin by praoclaiming that I had been quite skeptical of shopping for an assortment online for half the cost that Dell offers them at, being the extremely broke scholar that i'm, I must say i didn't have a great deal of choice. Let me tell you that hitherto, this device is a plus. (its only been 2 or 3 days, but all seems well) Fits perfectly into my inspiron 1525, and holds electrical for more than 3 hrs while surfing the world wide web and through constant use. I would suggest this strategy to anyone and am extremely satisfied. great product, also it came to my door within 4 days. Can change my rating to some 5 star once i have owned it to get a month approximately whether it is constantly on the work this way.I've had my Inspiron 1545 approximately 12 months and a half (purchased new) and first my charging cable become extinct of nowhere, then I got an alert saying my battery was basically dying for great. Dell wanted me to spend $130 for this cable. With expedited shipping, I still paid $100 less and also the Dell 02MTH3 Battery works perfectly. It's around my computer right now when i type this. Long story short, Dell is really a terrible, money hungry company who drastically overcharges for shoddy equipment, and things like this are the perfect solution. Dell's battery that entered my wife's laptop could not provide a lot more than couple of hours of up time. I complained to Dell, however , you discover how that goes. This replacement battery provides double the original battery provided.NEW Dell 04D3C Battery for Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1545 I tried to economize and yes it came back to bite me. The battery does not charge. My Dell Inspirion 1545 says connected not charging. It didn't work straight out from the package. VERY disappointing! Sadly, I even read the reviews with this happening to others and thought surely it wouldn't afflict me. How could someone sell a faulty item and find away by it? I so wish I needed just obtained a battery from Dell. I suppose it is a pointer to learn to read the return policy. I will update once i return it. Bought this battery for my wife's Inspiron 1525 with the decent reviews on Amazon. Received Dell 04D3C Battery , installed it and showed it had been 75% charged. I plugged in the AC adapter to try and charge to %100 but it really just held at 75%. I figured I'd try running a laptop solely for the battery, drain it and check out charging from the drained state. With 75% from the charge it only lasted for around one hour before it was dead. I plugged the AC adapter back certainly nothing, wouldn't charge in the least. I'm giving back the battery and can look elsewhere to get a replacement.Battery initially didn't help my laptop. I contacted customer satisfaction for help and they also sent us a condescending email treating me like an ignorant child. I had created to watch out for some other source to find the battery working and when I did so it only holds a charge intended for 2 hours if I'm lucky on low power settings. Also after leaving negative feedback their customer support department has harassed me sending me multiple emails trying to find me to switch my review feedback (Furthermore wish to be aware that they immediately contacted me as soon as the negative feedback unlike while i initially contacted them for help also it took them a few days). I highly advise seeking your battery replacement coming from a different seller.

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