Laptop battery maintenance tips

Laptop battery maintenance tips

Rational use of laptop battery will extend battery life for laptop battery maintenance is an effective means. Many users of the laptop battery uses a long time, there will be sufficient dissatisfaction power, life time reduced significantly aging phenomena. Therefore, when using the laptop battery should pay attention to some tips and avoid some errors. Next, Staercke Xiaobian introduce some everyday laptop battery tips and attention. Hope you can help solve the laptop battery life and usage time problems.

1, laptop battery first charge

    Many consumers buy the notebook, dealers will be informed, to be repeated three times on the new laptop battery fully charge / discharge, charging time preferably 12 hours or more, to carry on the activation of the battery. Such a sentence, it makes the majority of users enter a misunderstanding. In fact, the laptop battery at the factory will be activated, in order to avoid the natural wear and tear affect battery performance, only small amount of residual energy. So users get a notebook that had been activated, and then follow the dealer said, the laptop battery is fully charged once completed it will automatically stop working, not only there is no need to keep the charging time to 12 hours, and doing so is to increase the battery loss. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge method can be used.

2, intentionally run electricity

    Regular light battery, can be about once a month, in order to ensure a full charge. To completely run out of battery power, simply let the laptop running the CPU intensive tasks, such as playing with some large-scale 3D games, or watching HD video, so that soon runs out of battery power, of course, do not forget to carry out these operations to unplug the power supply. Of course, every time discharge the battery before charging is not necessary, but it is harmful. Practice has proved that: the battery depth of discharge will shorten the battery life meaningless, it is proposed that under normal circumstances, when the battery is used in about 10% can be charged. However, when the battery power is still more than 30% best to be charged, because the memory effect does exist.

3, do not put the battery when the power is turned on to win

    Many users are confused, when you insert the AC, the battery would want to win, in order to prevent repeated charge and discharge? In fact, this is not necessary. Because most laptops are designed to a power control circuit characteristic is that when the battery is below 90% or 95% will be charged, but to achieve this through natural discharge capacity for 2 weeks to a month. And even if the battery is recharged, the losses will not be long without the battery and Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery than the loss due to a large number. Also, if the user using the laptop sudden power failure, not only for notebook injury, but data loss is irreparable consequences.

4, learn to use power management

    Windows built-in power management system, users can set up according to the different needs of different power plan, thus saving notebook, reducing wear and tear on the battery. In addition to Windows built-in power management features, and some notebook also comes with power management software (such as Lenovo laptops), rational use of the software, to better control the charging and discharging of the notebook, an increase laptop battery life.