How deep discharge laptop battery

How deep discharge compaq 610 battery

sony vgp-bps2c battery practical period of time after loss. There will be some loss of depth of discharge for the repair. Then the laptop is how deep discharge for it.

Step / methods

 Depth of discharge is the principle of minimum power consumption, the samsung r540 battery power consumption to a minimum, it is not open to the laptop automatically shut down the line. The first hardware detection software look asus eee pc 1000h battery depletion. If relatively low with this method is not recommended.

 In the case of the dell pc764 battery is full hundred percent unplug the power adapter. Then there will be a laptop battery icon
 How deep discharge laptop acer aspire one d250 battery

 Right into the power management

 The Power Management power scheme options Minimal Power Management. And turn off the monitor and standby several acer aspire 5740 battery options that have chosen to Never.

 Close notebook displays (FN function key or directly close the lid) until it automatically turns off.

 Laptop automatically shut down, and then turn on the computer, press F2 to enter the bios, turn off the monitor does not exit, continue to let the computer power. Until the power run out. And then fully charge the acer aspire 5542 battery, you complete a depth charge and discharge.