Lithium battery charge and discharge requirements

Lithium battery for Dell laptop charge and discharge requirements;
1, the lithium battery for dell d830: the structural characteristics good battery, the ideal charge voltage must be 4.2V, not overcharge or cathode of lithium ion because of take a lot of battery scrap. Higher charge and discharge, might be dedicated constant current, constant voltage charger. Usually constant current charge to 4.2V / Festival into constant voltage charging, in the event the constant voltage charging current to 100mA or less, you should stop charging.

Charge Current (mA) = 0.1 ~ 1.five times it capacity (eg battery for dell d820 1350mAh, the charging current is usually controlled between 135 ~ 2025mA). Normal charge current option in about 0.five times battery capacity, charging time is concerning 2 to 3 hours.

2, battery for dell d820 discharge: the interior structure in the lithium due to the discharge of lithium ions can move all the positive electrode, lithium ions to keep perhaps the negative electrode, to guarantee the next charging, lithium ions can be embedded in the channel flow. Otherwise, it life are going to be shortened. To be sure the graphite layer left following your discharge the main lithium ion, the minimum important to strictly limit the making termination voltage on the lithium battery that is not over-discharge. Discharge voltage is usually 3.0V / section, the minimum is not lower than 2.5V / festival. Duration from the battery and battery discharge capacity, discharge current size. Battery discharge time (hours) = Battery capacity / discharge current. Lithium battery discharge current (mA) should never exceed thrice the battery capacity. (Eg 1000mAH battery, the making current ought to be strictly controlled at 3A or less) otherwise it could damage it.

In love with this market today are sealed with an internal lithium group supporting the charge and discharge protection board. So long as control external charge and discharge current might be.

3, instead of 3V power supply

Being a single lithium battery for dell d620 voltage is 3.6V. Therefore, one can substitute two ordinary lithium batteries, to radio, Walkman, cameras and other small household electrical appliances power, besides lightweight, and continuous use for a long time.